• Introduction


    The illustration above was created for a Christmas invitation card, but was unfortunately never used. One of my greatest passions is creating illustrations and other artwork. I work both digitally and more traditionally. Digitally, I rely on my wacom drawing pad and Adobe Photoshop. I love to combine the program with hand-drawn illustrations that I then scan and manipulate.

    I work with tools such as watercolors, gouache, pencil, felt tip pens, ink, printmaking (etching, monotypes, and linocuts), and collages.

    The following pages contain a few examples of illustrations I have created for graphic design projects. 

    If you are interested in seeing more than these examples, please visit my personal art gallery. If you're interested in anything you see, please send me a note!

  • G18: Huset G18

    G18: Huset G18

    This is an illustration created for a full-page newspaper advertisement. The illustration was first hand-painted in indian ink, then scanned, vectorized and colored in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • G18: Soppbaren

    Soppbaren G18

    This is an invitation that was sent by e-mail in .pdf-format. 
    I was asked to create imagery including soup-cutlery and a red-and-white checkered picnic tablecloth. I chose to illustrate instead of using stock imagery because I wanted to give it a more friendly, inviting atmosphere. The illustration was made in felt markers, then scanned and fixed up in Adobe Photoshop. The final design was done in Adobe InDesign.

  • G18: Georgsdagen

    G18: Kontrasternas vårdag i G18

    The client asked for a spring-themed newspaper advertisement that is 3 columns x 120 mm and contained certain elements, such as the green cube in the center, the text, and all the logos. To accentuate the festive springtime feeling of the event, I hand-painted some illustrative elements in gouache paints, which I then scanned and cleaned up in Adobe Photoshop. The final design was made in InDesign.

  • G18: Kaj Chydenius

    Kaj Chydenius

    This illustration is a pencil drawing made for a classical concert leaflet. The image was embedded inside a green background, surrounded by text. I chose to make a pencil drawing because a photograph would not have melded as nicely with the background and overall design. The subject is the Finnish composer, Kaj Chydenius, and I am told he liked the illustration! The pencil drawing was scanned and then tinted in Photoshop.